The Value

Business Applications are the Opportunity

Dispatch Enables Disruption

Dispatch creates the platform for disrupting a host of industries by enabling the development of secure, decentralized peer-to-peer applications on a scale never before possible.

Our Mission

Complete freedom for developers to pursue big ideas

Dispatch is creating a new business-ready protocol, built to dramatically extend the scalability and functionality of shared-ledger technology to become the de facto platform for a new generation of decentralized applications.

Use Cases

Next Generation Enterprises

Scalable storage and processing on blockchain enables a multitude of new use cases for Dapps

Real-World Dapps

Peer-to-Peer Content Marketplaces

Supply Chain Management

Open Market Content Delivery Networks

Neural Network Marketplace

Decentralized Big Data

Adding programmable access to off-chain artifacts

Enables businesses and developers to make Dapps never before possible in a single framework, with a consensus method and architecture viable for real-world massive adoption