Build on Dispatch

Transition to Scalability, Security, and Versatility


Delegated Asynchronous
Proof of Stake

Wicked Fast and No Transaction Fees

The Dispatch team has created a new consensus method, DAPoS (Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake). DAPoS allows tens of thousands of transactions per second, uses little energy, and removes transaction fees.

Developer Friendly

The Dispatch Virtual Machine is easy to build on, and is backwards compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, making porting to Dispatch fast.


Proof-of-Replication stops system gaming, and protects against Sybil attacks. Proof-of Retrievability ensures farmers are holding individually encrypted artifacts.


Dispatch supports any form of data. Dispatch uses smart contracts to allow custom properties per DApp and manage off-chain data, referred to as artifacts, in the DAN (Dispatch Artifact Network).

Technical Overview

Dispatch Artifact Flow

The Dispatch network is a combination of innovative technologies combined with the best existing distributed systems protocols.


How It Works

Actors and Roles

DAPoS Roles


Validate transactions and update the shared ledger


Elect learners and delegates based on stake


Watch delegates and report to Stakeholders

DAN Roles


Seed the DAN with artifacts and upload data or content


Store and deliver data to downloaders


Consumers of data from the DAN

We believe in responsible disruption.

As a platform, Dispatch will enable a huge range of new DApps focused on real world usage, with the capacity for mass adoption.