Strong communities start with strong partners

Our Partners

Dispatch creates the platform for disrupting a host of industries by enabling the development of secure, decentralized peer-to-peer applications on a scale never before possible.

We’re proud to support Coin Center and keeping blockchain free and open, as it’s closely aligned with everything we stand for here at Dispatch and want to advocate others that they should consider doing the same.

Unbank Ventures is a premier fintech startup accelerator based in the SF Bay Area who is now launching their first blockchain-specific program. Dispatch works closely alongside their staff to help vet and support cohort companies, provide strategic technical guidance, and lead thought leadership sessions to help ensure their success.

Reliable stablecoin solutions are one of our industry’s most critical needs. Identifying a secure, asset-backed stablecoin partner has been one of our core focuses for Dispatch Labs- and we were very impressed with USDC.” – Matt McGraw, Dispatch CEO & Founding Partner
CENTRE consists of price-stable crypto assets, network protocols, and business rules which were implemented in early form over the past several years by Circle, where the existing technology supports significant active daily transaction volume. CENTRE plans to create a network scheme to manage the creation, redemption, and ownership of these assets under a new organization independent and separate from Circle.

Please meet Aura – San Francisco-based decentralized recruitment infrastructure for sourcing the world’s top blockchain and engineering talent, powered by blockchain and AI. The Aura Token (AUX) represents the digitized time and professional reputation of the best technical teams and individuals, closing the huge gap between available talent and customer demand.

Dispatch and our parent company, The Bureau, are happy to advocate the use of Aura’s recruitment services to our clients and partners. Their network of experienced, senior-level blockchain engineers are high-quality, communicative, and professional.

In the world of blockchain, nothing is more critical to the success of a project than a strong focus on security. Hosho is an undisputed leader in this field. Dispatch not only leverages their penetration testing and technical auditing services for our own internal needs- but recommends them to each partner building a dApp on our protocol.

Bright Apps LLC, established in 2000, develops custom, end-to-end software solutions.  With decades of combined team experience creating innovative technology that helps companies rise to new heights. If you can dream it we can build it!

Corl and Dispatch share the same goal – growing businesses. Dispatch Labs have a keen eye for finding and nurturing talent around the globe and we’re excited to provide that talent with flexible funding options to promote growth.

Corl aims to create the world’s first regulatory-compliant securities and revenue-sharing token designed to provide emerging companies with access to fast, fairly-priced, and entrepreneur-friendly growth capital, whereby investors receive a continuous stream of quarterly dividends in the form of Ether, based on future earnings of Corl.